Due to the pandemic small businesses have to close their doors to the public, some of which do not have online e-commerce stores. There are services available to get your store online quickly but taking presentable photos of your products to put on your store may still be a concern when working from home. I’ll be showing you some tips on this site with guides on how to take presentable photos of your products using freely-available devices and software and how to take your photos a step further with additional equipment without setting up a dedicated studio space.

If you’re setting up an online store for the first time you may not be able to send off your products to be photographed professionally but you want to have professional-looking photos of your products to show to your customers. If this applies to you, read on.

This section will take you through the main aspects I’d recommend to help take your products’ photos to a decent standard so that you can sell online. I’ll have different sections providing recommendations on gear but also how to adjust your layout so that you can take photos in your own home or store.

If you’d like more personalised recommendations tag me on Instagram (@lensful.uk) with the aspect that you would like assistance with and I or a community member can assist.