Guilin to Yangshuo (Day 9)

We seemed to have a string of bad luck when it came to hotel rooms after Shanghai. In Guilin we had the traffic fairly close by so that kept disturbing us during the night as the room had terrible noise isolation. On the bright side though we had a lot to look forward to – the whole day consisted of a 4(-ish) hour river cruise (other than meals) so this day’s write-up is primarily photos. Very scenic photos that I feel came out really well, I’m pleased to say. The sound and light show in Yangshuo, however, I strongly recommend going to see as photos or video just cannot do it justice. It really was spectacular!

Supposedly, in the photo above that I’ve named accordingly, there are nine horses that can be made out. I couldn’t make out one, though Cresta identified four.

The coach actually drove to the next destination where Johnny met up with us again and lead us on to the sound and light show. I can’t deny that the photos were just slightly lacking. Just leave them at thumbnail size, it’s fine.